Living in the present is the best option for better life: Dr. Shikha Santhosh

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Calm, loving and compassionate, new comer Shikha Santhosh has claimed her way into people’s heart since her very first song” Arike Vaa” by Karikku Web series team.
Dr. Shikha Santhosh talks about her biggest learning, family support and her pursuit of happiness.
Hello! I’m Dr. Shikha Santhosh, model,actor,dancer,choreographer is how the designations goes on with Shikha.

Was Acting, modelling, dancing or doctor field is your first love?

I would say that, I always have a great passion for dance more than anything else. My soul is connected to dance from my three and half years onwards.
I started learning classical dance at the age of three. Ofcourse! Dance is with me in all my stages of life from the beginning. So, I will definitely choose dancing as my first preference because my soul and mind is bonded with dancing at my early days.

How was your journey to modelling and your challenges on the way?

Actually, I’m very lucky girl, who got such a wonderful parents. They were with me in all the times to encourage and support till the destination.
My Mom, she is always there with me as my backbone. She is the only one reason, how I ended up in Miss Kerala 2011 as third runner up. That’s the twist to this modelling world. But I don’t think, I had any challenges on my way because I had a two strong supporting pillars on my left and right. I’m always thankful to God that, I got them in my life for all these spectacular moments in my life.

How is Dr. Shikha Santhosh is different from Actor Shikha?

For this, I would say, I don’t feel any difference in me in particular field. I’m always me itself, whether in Acting or my profession as Doctor can’t have any difference in me. When, I’m committed to anything then I will assure my 100% with full dedication.

What is your Ultimate goal or Wish?

There’s no such Ultimate goal in my life. I’m not a person who plans future and live. I’m a one who just living the present life without worrying anything that will come tomorrow. So, I am moving on with my present life doing modelling, photo shoots, advertisements which keeps my day busy. But definitely, I do have a bucket list of wishes to travel a lot and experience the moments and explore every precious time that left me to watch.

How did you get the chance in Karikku web series?

Like everybody, I too heard about the casting call for Karikku tuned. But the twisting point is that, one of my friend in that field send my photos to Nikhil Prasad ( Founder of Karikku) I was really surprised and happy, when I get the call from him. That’s how, I actually got a chance in Karikku.

How was the experience with Sabareesh Sajjin and the entire Karikku crew members?

It was a splendid experience which I hadn’t experienced. It was like a cool and comfortable surrounding with a homely feeling that it wasn’t a shooting set moreover it was a get together of cousins. That’s how I felt with all the members in the Karikku team and Nikhil Prasad told me and Sabareesh to keep up a bond to make out the chemistry in the relationship. So, we keep up that bond. Most Importantly, Sabareesh is a down to earth person that’s the main reason, we could build up a strong relationship throughout the entire shoot. And it was a feeling that, we both knew long before than we met.

Are you considering ‘Arike Vaa’ is a stepping stone in your life for entering into this industry ?

Absolutely! After Arike Vaa song, I got many offers from Advertisements, short films and many more projects that I couldn’t take upon at that time because of my studies. Yes, I do believe, it was a stepping stone in my life.

Are you considering more projects like this in Acting?

Yes, I am just considering projects. Today, the world has become so small, it focuses more on the kind of story you are telling and less on where its coming from. As an actor, one strives to be a part of a film or any sort of medium that has good content. So, I am waiting for that project in the right time as the best option for me. That’s the place, where I should belong to prove myself in this acting industry.

How are you managing all these activities and works?

Only one answer is there for me in this question. ” My Mother” because of she, I’m managing all these activities and works. She is just standing like a backbone for me as a great supporter. I do believe that, if anybody is having such backbones in life. They can obviously able to handle all kinds of works comfortably.

Is there any life lesson that you would like to share with your followers?

I need to say only one thing, Just live in the present, don’t worry so much about future. It will just come, you don’t have to think about when its coming. Just think about today and do things. Otherwise, future will play with our stressful mind destroying our Today.