Kylie Jenner reveals what she’d be doing if she wasn’t famous

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Kylie Jenner arrives at the Vanity Fair and revealed her dream occupation. if she wasn’t a multi-millionaire cosmetics entrepreneur.

It’s hard not to imagine Kylie Jenner as the fifth most-followed person on Instagram, or a multi-millionaire cosmetics mogul. But the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star could imagine an alternate reality in which she wasn’t running Kylie Cosmetics or being famous, which she revealed in a new YouTube vlog uploaded on Nov. 9! “I would want to be a celebrity makeup artist,” Kylie revealed while sitting at her eye doctor’s office.

“I would want to be you,” Kylie added, referring to her makeup artist Ariel Tejada, 25, who on the flip side would want to be a pastry chef or painter instead of a MUA. This led Kylie to pitch her proposal: “We should just do this on the side…I should be a makeup artist on the side.”