Anushka Sharma shares a throwback picture of doing yoga with hubby

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The stunning actress and mom-to-be Anushka Sharma shared a picture of herself doing some Yoga with her sportsman husband Virat Kohli. She said it was a throwback picture where Virat can be seen holding up her legs as she tried to do a handstand.

Along with the picture, Anushka also wrote a note explaining the significance of Yoga in her life. Her post said, “This exercise is ‘hands-down’ (and legs up) the most difficult one 🤓 #throwback. P.S. – As yoga is a big part of my life, my doctor recommended that I can do all such asanas that I was doing before I was pregnant( after a certain stage)barring twists & extreme-forward bends, but of course with the appropriate and required support.”

She also added, “For the Shirshasana, which I have been doing for many years, I ensured that I used the wall for support and also my very able husband supporting my balance, to be extra safe.